Journal #3: Srebrenica

Journal #3: Srebrenica


Last weekend we visited Srebrenica to commemorate the lives lost in the genocide, where over 8,000 people, mostly Bosniak men and boys were killed. I’m not the best at feelings, and don’t really know what to say, so I wrote this.


Seeing the white headstones, all in a line

Rain falling throughout the town

Examining what was left of the town, burned out buildings and graffiti

Burning up in the sun/Blemish on the U.N

Racking my brain with how such evil exists in the world

Embarking on a walk to the cemetery and memorial center

Never again

I don’t know what else to say…

Coffins, draped in a green cloth

Anxiously waiting the return of the Peace Marchers


Nestled in the town, over run spas remain

Exchanging stories and enjoying dinner with the Peace Marchers and people from all walks of life

Viewing the coffins, being brought into the cemetery from the battery factory

Enforcing the barricades to the cemetery

Renouncing hate in all its forms


Feeling a haunting presence in the battery factory, where many lives were lost

Organizing thoughts and feelings

Reflecting on the lives lost in the genocide

Getting a ride back out of the cemetery

Enjoying the company at Annessa’s

Together we remember the lives lost


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