Journal 6: Photograph of the day



Journal 6: Photograph of the day


For this week we had select a photograph and write about it. I decided to pick a picture from my trip this past weekend to Montenegro. I went with a few of my friends from the program here and we had a fun time exploring the cities of Kotor and Budva. In Kotor we walked around the city, which was surrounded by cats, and even went to a cat museum! The cats are apparently descendants of cats who were on the trading ships back in the day that were left behind. In Budva I wasn’t feeling very well, but I did manage to take this photo. I also had some amazing Pad Thai there too… who knew. Throughout Montenegro we were greeted by winding narrow streets and green doors. I’m not sure why I became so obsessed with the doors, but alas. 


Anyways, so I chose this photo because I feel that it represents my summer here in Bosnia-Herzegovina… with the door representing all of the opportunities I’ve had and experienced on this trip. I’ve met new DU people from a range of disciplines, worked at an amazing feminist organization, and met some truly amazing people along the way. I’ve had the chance to visit Tito’s bunker, the war crimes court, and go on a crazy hike in the rain in Lukomir. I had the chance to attend the Srebrenica burial that occurs every July, and visit Srebrenica genocide- the failure of the international community and memorial. I’ve visited the ICMP center in Tuzla and met Ramis, the bone man, whose takes time out of his day to collect remains from people who were killed during the genocide.


All of this to say is that this trip has opened many doors for me. From shifting my focus away *momentarily* from the South Pacific, I’ve gained a broader perspective on development and what that looks like here in BiH. I’m grateful that I randomly stumbled upon the Global Practice Bosnia handout with Kovaci’s shining face on it and decided to apply, even though the deadline was way long gone. So here’s to new opportunities and life experiences here in BiH. 



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