Bosnia-07.jpgI’m constantly amazed by how beautiful Bosnia is. I chose this picture to write about because I’m kind of obsessed with the mountains. I never get bored during long car rides here since the scenery is so amazing to look at. We hiked to Lukomir last weekend, which is Bosnia’s highest and most isolated mountain village. The mountains were unreal. Even though it poured down rain for a while and lightning struck eerily close to our group, I still really enjoyed the experience. I haven’t been taking many photos on this trip so I stole this picture from the internet. I’m not sure where it was taken but I think the mountains look similar to those near Lukomir. Photos don’t do the experience justice though.

Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the atrocities that took place in this country since every place that I’ve visited is stunningly beautiful. While on the Peace March, it seemed like every time I came across an amazing view of the mountains, there was a mass grave nearby. And those were only the mass graves that have been found. I probably passed other mass graves that have yet to be discovered. I felt guilty for enjoying the Peace March at times because it really wasn’t supposed to be a happy occasion. I really want to explore all that Bosnia has to offer so I’m really hoping to get in a few more hiking trips this summer.


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