Internship: Post-Conflict Research Center

This summer I have been privileged enough to work with the Post-Conflict Research Center here in Sarajevo. When I first applied to this internship, I did not believe I was qualified or that they would choose me to intern for them. It was sincerely a surprise when they sent the first email! Immediately after being offered the position I was hesitant, but I was not sure why. I spoke with my mom and the director of our program, Ann about what I was feeling. I knew I did not want just a stereotypical internship with an NGO doing social media and gaining no experience. I wanted to do something special with my time here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After accepting the position, I was excited and nervous for what the summer had coming. Look back now I could not have prepared myself for the amazing experience and contacts I would gain.

When I first arrived in Sarajevo, I was immediately thrown into one of the many events PCRC cosponsors. This event is called the WARM Festival and it has the mission of bringing people together through art, reporting, and memory. This was a major event interns assist with every year. As I was the new intern, I was thrown into a group who had already been together for a month and a half. Along with assisting with WARM activities, I decided I needed to jump in head first, with the group and the event. I had the opportunity to guide participants and speakers in their days along with attend amazing films and art exhibits. I was tasked with making sure PCRC followers knew what the event was and what was upcoming for the next day. It was incredibly interesting because I had never been a part of a festival that was focused on the arts and reporting war through those outlets.

After working on the WARM festival, myself and the other interns were cued in to a social media campaign that was in partnership with the International Organization for Migration. Having the ability to work on a social media campaign, from start to finish, in partnership with IOM was sincerely a dream come true. I was able to work alongside individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina on this campaign. It was incredibly interesting and exciting to see how this type of grant and project are completed and implemented in the NGO world. Lastly, I have been able to attend the Sarajevo Film Festival and write reports on the films from the category, Dealing with the Past. These films were documentary type films that sparked my interest immensely. Also, just having the opportunity to attend the film festival is a task and event I never imagined I would be able to attend!

To sum up this summer, I could not be more grateful to have had the privilege of internship with the Post-Conflict Research Center. Not only my fellow interns but the staff were incredibly welcoming to me from day one. I never felt uncomfortable or unsure of my place within the organization. For example, while attending an industry event during the Sarajevo Film Festival the founder of PCRC introduced me as her colleague. I was incredibly honored to be standing alongside such an accomplished woman but also to be introduced as her colleague. This organization is doing amazing things. Even when I was confused or lost, I could easily find someone to assist me. This organization enhanced my Bosnia experience immensely and I could not be more grateful!

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