Journal: Internship at CURE

This week we are supposed to write about our internship. This summer I worked with Foundation CURE, a feminist organization here in Sarajevo. Foundation CURE is a powerhouse of talent and activism. I am blown away by what this organization has accomplished with such little funding and support.


I spent the bulk of my internship researching artists and funding sources for the 2019 PitchWise festival. PitchWise is an annual feminist festival that brings artists and performers from all over the world to join together in a weekend of art and activism. It was interesting to learn about the women’s networks here in the Balkans. I knew of organizations in the South Pacific from my past work, so it was interesting connecting the dots in another area of the world. I also spent time researching, editing, and writing grant proposals for submission. I picked up grant writing as a skill randomly some years back, and haven’t looked back. Political Science and grant writing seems like a weird combination, but it somehow works. Anyways. I enjoy grant writing because I’m afforded the opportunity to learn all about an organization, and hopefully help create projects that benefit many people and communities. The moral of that short tale is that i’m extremely grateful for all of my internships and jobs that allow me to develop my grant writing skills and learn from others in the field.


During my short time with CURE i’ve learned many things. I’ve learned the importance of sharing a meal with coworkers and taking time to simply talk and build relationships with others. I’ve learned about the power of research… how projects and proposals are rarely funded without properly vetted research. I’ve had the privilege of attending a book launch in Tuzla (Tuzla round 3 for those keeping score) where members from CURE and the leading researcher presented their findings to the women’s group gathered there. Although I could not understand much, my coworker helped translate some, I could see that this research and event was important to many people in BiH. Being exposed to this much research has really impacted my plans for after GPB, in a positive way.


I’m grateful to the organization for taking me under their wing and sharing their stories and creative space with me. Feeling grateful for the coffee and tea time over cookies and other assorted snacks. I’m grateful to the people i’ve met at my internship, and the connections i’ve made here. I’m glad I trusted the system.

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