Farewell for now…

How do you even begin to say farewell to Sarajavo? For starters I first would like to acknowledge the group of women I have had the privilege of sharing this experience with. Their openness to express themselves and their understanding has helped me to process in my own way. Our learning experiences here will forever be one that only we can understand and cherish forever. I feel so blessed meeting so many women with so much compassion and love in their hearts. I do feel comfort knowing that this is only the beginning of our blossoming friendships. We will always have Sarajevo.

I feel so much privilege when knowing that there are very few people who are allowed many of the experiences that we have been provided with throughout our trip. All thanks to Ann and Sladjana the dynamic duo. Ann with her willingness to utilize her connections to show us true authenticity of the country from stories to the artistic abilities of Bosnians. Sladjana with her bilingual abilities, getting us through each day and every bump in the road with ease. I know so much planning and hard work was put into the organization prior to coming here and adapting to change in our schedules as time went on Im sure was not easy.

I am excited to go home and sleep in my bed as I think about home but I immediately begin to think “well that just happen” in disbelief of everything we experienced in such a small amount of time. I’m stressed about packing and getting back into the US something I have yet to experience as an adult. While thinking about each person that we have met from survivors and political leaders, to taxi drivers who revealed the truths about the denial of the genocide that no one can understand. How am I going to go home and explain this experience accurately and respectfully? Has been the question for days now. I’m sure there is no right answer and as I think about this I am reminded of saying our farewells to Hasan. We had hugs of good bye as I walked away hearing Hassaan say “tell your grandmother I said hello” confirmed that I have made life long connections here in Bosnia. I will never forget this experience and I will never forget the genocide “the truth prevails” as the saying goes here in Bosnia. 

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