I haven’t started packing yet, so it hasn’t quite hit that we leave tomorrow morning. The last two weeks have flown by, and yet the amount that we have learned about this country and each other feels like it could have only taken place over a full summer.

Here are my feelings I’m able to identify right now, about leaving:

Gratitude, for this opportunity, to learn with a group of incredibly intelligent and compassionate women, including the two that lead us through the whole process, challenging me to learn about myself as well, while providing the support we needed throughout the program.

Humbled, by the generosity, strength and love of each person we were able to speak with. From women that lost their entire families, to men that survived execution sites, to our van drivers that shared their stories with us, to the copper craftsman that drank coffee with us as we sat on the floor of his shop, everyone we met was hospitable and gracious.

In awe, of the power of nature to heal and provide, the beautiful scenery everywhere we looked juxtaposed with crumbled houses leftover as a reminder of a time of utter destruction, now blending peacefully into the greenery and wildflowers.

Confident in my abilities, to learn, to live out of a suitcase in a tiny room with three other women, to process hard experiences with a group, and to recognize and acknowledge my own feelings.

And sad, that this trip is ending. The shared meals, laughs, tears, support, and sweat have created a comaraderie with this group that will stick with us. All the feelings, as Ann would say.

Until next time, BiH.

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