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International Service Learning

Global Practice Bosnia is the University of Denver’s first and longest running International Service Learning internship and is designed for DU graduate students of all majors. It provides students the unique opportunity to learn about the Balkans region through combined academic study and service based internships in Sarajevo.

While deeply embedded in the history, culture, and multiple complexities of the Balkan region, students will study the buildup to and years of war before moving on to explore where Bosnia is today and the ways in which Bosnian citizens, governments, businesses, and NGOs look towards the future. Global Practice Bosnia participants will work alongside community members, partnering with local and international organizations that are seeking to address local and regional issues. While gaining professional work experience and polishing their skills as global citizens, Global Practice Bosnia participants will also have the opportunity to engage in introspection, critical reflection, and personal growth.

The 2015 GPB Group poses with the chefs at Apetit.
The 2015 GPB Group poses with the chefs at Apetit.

As part of the pre-departure portion of the program, Global Practice Bosnia participants will be required to do readings, short assignments, attend a one day retreat and meet for up to 5 class sessions on select Thursday evenings during the Spring Quarter. We also hope to once again offer Bosnian language classes evenings during Spring Quarter, which students will be strongly encouraged to participate in. While in Bosnia, students will be engaged in their internships approximately 20-40 hours per week, as well as attend weekly reflection sessions, guest speakers, and weekly educational excursions.

GSSW Experiential Learning Class

The Graduate School of Social Work at DU also offers an international experiential course entitled “Bosnia in Transition: the Social Work Response.” Developed in partnership with the University of Sarajevo School of Social Work, the course focuses on human services responses to the Bosnian War and genocide (1992-1995).

Students learn about Bosnian history, culture, religion and politics, then spend two weeks in Bosnia where, paired with Bosnian social work students, they visit historically significant sites and social work agencies. Students also attend lectures by University of Sarajevo faculty and visit the Bosnian war crimes court.

Through interactions with the resilient war and genocide survivors, DU students learn first-hand about ongoing efforts to establish and maintain peace, as well as challenges posed by pervasive PTSD, economic hardships, thousands of unidentified missing persons, legal and political issues hampering the investigation by the war crimes tribunals, and women’s issues related to the intentional and strategic use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Studying these issues through a social justice lens will help you gain insights that have implications for local, national and international social work practice

Find more information about these programs on our DU Portfolio Site and GSSW Course Site.

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