Here…in this lifetime… her story …about her sons and husband touched my soul. I can’t believe this happened to her. She lives all by her self in this house all alone Because of a stupid war that killed her sons and husband. Everything was a symbol to me. The house represents whats left of her family. She lives in it not for shelter but for love. Her guardian represents life.  Her guardian to me is whats keeping her a live and stable. She used to take care of her boys and husband, and now she takes care of he guardian. I feel like her guardian took the place of her family. The rose juice, was amazing by the way just to throw that out there. The rose just kinda reminded me of the rose that we saw on the streets the represent people that died. The rose just was red just like the streets. I felt like I was drinking the souls of the victims but not in a bad way, but in a way so that I can be close to them. The other juice represents the kindness of every survival, it represents the strength of everyone who survives. Honestly, the meal was soooooo good. But it felt off to me. I felt like I was eating a meal after a funeral. It made me feel happy and sad, all at the same time. I was happy to eat enjoy company but I was sad because she told us a sad story. The woman that told us about her sons and husband kinda reminded me of my mother. I feel as if this was to happen, she would be the result of my mom’s feelings. My mom is one of the strongest people I now until that day I met this woman who lost everything. It took me coming to another country to find someone who was strong like my mom. She I don’t understand how she can wake up in the morning and not want to harm herself…; like she lost everything. I guess looking from her perspective is that she lives to tell her story so others want to have to suffer from war. She lives to advocate and to tell others to be grateful. One thing that I will never forget is to not take things for granted. I use to take a lot of things for granted. Especially a good woman when I was younger. I learned that life is too short and we have to be thankful for the things we have and who we have in our life. Being around her brought me this new energy to want to do better and live my life how I wanted. I feel like there is a lot of things in this life that would try and stop blessings. But we have to fight through the evil’s hand.  The things we do in life can shape our future. We have to live a full life by taking the negative things that happened to us as energy for better things. I really enjoyed the warmth she brought. I got like this home feeling with her. I felt right at home. I didn’t feel like a stranger. This really made me think about myself and how I made other people feel. I want to make people feel at home like she does. This can bring positive vibes and go a long way for the world. I thought about something interesting while visiting the graves later in the trip. on the tune stone we see the bith date and we seee the death date. I learn its not about your birth date or your death date… but it matters what you do in between those dates. Becuse the bith and death date can speak for itself. But the middle can not… thatts the wold you lived in job.. to tell your storry.


The End.

This trip is medicine for the world. The world is so small and yet so big. Learning about strength and how survivors live their lives is priceless.  How can we have peace if our past hunting us? These people lost everything and most people can’t even handle the pressures of everyday life. What the point of hearing these people stories some might ask. History can repeat itself. We learn by learning from others. The smart person should always listen to the wise person. We should be able to learn and apply what we lean by setting examples. I feel like this trip has taught me a lot about love and passion for others. I ‘m thankful to everyone that talked to us. I’m really thankful for the bone man. The bone man is an example of how our world should be. The bone man finds bones not for money, not for fame. He finds bones for love. He loves and understands what it means to be human. He gets it! He really understands the true meaning of love and passion for others. I wonder what motivates him to work for free with love. I’m thankful for  the bone man and how he is a great example for the world. I feel like most people would expect money or some type of wages to do what he does. I also want to talk about what it means to watch the film we watch at the museum.  The film we watch was a wake up call. the wake-up call that say hey!!!! this is the world we live in. It so sad to me that humans can hate and kill others. I don’t understand it but then again it makes plenty of sense. If we can love and be kind to each other, than of cousrs people can hate and kill people. The world to me its not made to be all good. The world to me is not made to be all bad. The world is made to balance itself out. Why you think we have night and day.  I hate to say this but there are people out there who are killers and who prompts segregation with small minds. Then again, there are people that are kind and full of social justice and understand human value. What if the world was perfect… How would we learn and  be able to feel these emotion that was put on this earth to feel. Feeling emotions is the biggest gift of all times. So bad or good its all emotions which either one is a blessing to feel and learn to understamd. Life is deeper then the ocean and understanding life is the key to living. Death is around the coner, so we have to experience pain, love,  and happyiness all in once to get the true meaning of life. And when we get the true meaning of life we get this direction that takes us on this path that shows us our purpose and who we are . This tripp is bigger than a lot of things. This trip teaches us how to not to give up even when life puts you in a dog house. This trip teaches us how to have humor even when life is against you, by understanding that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This trip can make a blind man see colors inordeer to appreicate life. The biggest thing ill take with me is to tell thses stories so this can not happen again. I will lift my head up high even in the rain and storms, becuse I to will understand that it rains for sunny days.  In order to live we have to understand life. THE END.

Bosnia And I

I grew up in Jackson MS. All my life I grew up with one race. (African American) I grew up with the hip-hop culture. My High school was 98 percent African-American. Then I went to MS State where all the races majority of the time only interacted with themselves. Moving to Colorado away from the south really made me jump the gate that I was fenced in. Colorado has shown me mountains and deep snow. Colorado has amazing people. Bosnia made me think about death, war, and how we treat people. Death: I learn that we are all born to die. This past couple of days, I learned that we have to live life to the fullest. Let’s call the word death (mark) in the blog to help me explain. When the mark is around people are saddened. Every Bosnia Muslim Person I met, are saddened when Mark is around them, but they welcome it with open arms by living life to the fullest. To me, it seems that they are not afraid of Mark, You see Mark, was born/ produced by hatred of people who wanted power. The Muslim people here don’t want revenge on Mark’s maker because they value human life. Mark/Death away there love ones but here true revenge is to live with happiness.  War: I thought about war here in Bosnia, and I thought about the war in the USA. The civil war in America is one of the bloodiest war in America. I find it interesting the wars that happen with inside their own countries are the bloodiest. The civil war was about freedom because people wanted power over others. The Bosnia war was over power and control. We might believe in different things but we all bleed, drink, poop, and eat. Most importantly we are all born to die. One is going to happen, but we don’t have to determine how it happens. We don’t have to birth another mark if theirs already a mark for us. Living this life is about peace until we meet our maker. Why have war? it’s soo much blood. Is it worth proving who has the better race or religion? everybody should just do them and ignore what they disagree with or learn more to disagree to agree. Yess my ancestors were slaves do I want people to learn yes, but I don’t hate nobody. I’m living to learn, explore, and reproduce my bloodline so they can do the same. Whatever you do make it peaceful. I also thought about this umbrella method, Why cant Bosnia be Bosnians and American be Americans, because with the Olympics and outside we are a whole. People in Bosnia don’t look at me as African American, they look at the fact that I’m just an American. I feel like that’s how countries divided by not having just one umbrella. I thought about, what if America had Bosnia’s form of politics. Keep in mind Bosnia has 3 presidents to represent each identity. This just like having a president for the black community, having a president to represent the Mexicans, and having one for the whites. The]is method would divide the country up in ways that we would couldn’t image. Segregation is the root of death in educating and learning about history. Segregation limits us to have resources with others.  We live in dark times but we can not have Day without night. Sometimes evil teaches us the lesson that peace can not. Learning is the key to life. Exploring in the nutrients we need. Starting a family is the air we breathe. Just life people.

Bosnia First Impression

Where should I start! This is my first time leaving the country (USA) and there were ups and downs. My flight experience was an adventure. one of my planes made me miss one of my flights. So since that happened, I had to stay in a hotel which made me miss my first day in Bosnia. I learned a valuable lesson on the way here. I learned to never give up on my dreams. I had to basically find another flight just to come to Bosnia. Leaving the country has always been a dream of mind. I also learned that being kind can help me a long way. Through this process, I did not have an attitude and was very kind to the workers that worked at the airport. By me being kind they helped me out a whole lot. I got discount on hotel and plane routes.  I was happy to finally be on my way to Bosnia.

When I finally got to Bosnia, I felt like everything was happing to me all at once. When I got off the plane, I found out that my luggage was lost. So I had on the same outfit for three days lol. But I was in Bosnia! it was no time for me to complain! I just went with the punches. So I got to Bosnia a day late than everyone else. After my long flight, my group and I went hiking. I was already tired from the day but I kinda just ignored it because of the excitement of my new environment.  The first thing I notice was the driving! People drive different so watch out! When I met with my group for lunch, they were at this hotel that really looked nice and guesses what!! It was cheap to stay there! The rooms were very very very nice! Then we went on our tour. I  was very hot and Bosnia reminded me of home in Mississippi.  Seeing the village for the first time was very peaceful. I couldn’t image war or genocide being in Bosnia. I felt like this was a peaceful city. What really touched my heart was the old Jewish cemetery. I felt a sense of anger as I walked through the cemetery. I felt a sense of sadness! The first thing I notice was the bullet holes in the grave. This really made me upset. The act was beyond dirs respectful to me! All I kept thinking was what if this was my family members! or how their loved ones feel! I never saw this in my life. How could they shoot up the cemetery! This was a wake-up call, there are evil people out here in this world. This shows us that this is the world we live in. I learned that if there is night there is day. If there is good there is bad in this world. We can not have one without the other. The cemetery was a humbling and learning experience.  Another experience that I had was on the Olympic track. This was a beautiful place to visit with all the artwork. I know it was the old track but it was still art and it was beautiful. It was a long long walk. Also, there were a lot of lizards so beware! The walk was a good walk. There were a lot of turns and twist but it was worth it. I really enjoyed the different colors that were on the track. the feeling I had were mix emotions. I really enjoyed my first couple of days. There were ups and downs but its all about having a positive perspective.